Caught In The Act But Having Fun


Flatmates Foxy Di and Dila are investigating their sexuality in a hot lesbian makeout session that rapidly transforms into out and out sex. Dila’s mouth discovers Foxy’s shake hard areolas underneath her shirt, and since she enjoys what she tastes she strips the material off. Charming goes with the same pattern, and soon the young ladies are both bare and hot for a decent fuck. They’re simply beginning to make things a stride further when Foxy’s beau shows up and discovers them in bed together! Rather than misinterpreting it, Foxy’s man participates in the good times. The young ladies grin and play with one another as they convey a twofold penis massage, and after that alternate getting their chicken longing for pussies loaded up with a hard beating dick.

Date: October 22, 2019
Actors: Dila / Foxy Di